Innovations Downloads

Here are links to the presentations from Innovations 2016:

Specialty Drug Management in an Integrated System
Presented By: Dino Martino

Charting the Course for Change
Presented By: Doug Long

Government Health Programs and the Drug Benefits Battleground
Presented By: John Gorman

Pay for Performance and the Changing Landscape for Pharmacy
Panel Presentation

What's on the Horizon in Health Innovation
Presented By: Thaddeus Seymour, Jr.

The Value of Integration_Using Integrated Data Sources to Improve Health Outcomes
Panel Presentation

340B What's in it for me?
Presented By: Andrew Haydon and Jerry Brehany

Partnering to Deliver Solutions: Forward Thinking Approach in Addressing Health Diparities
Panel Presentation

CMS Point of Sale Pilot
Presented By: Michelle Juhanson and Shawn McHale

The Management of Specialty Drugs: Opportunities and Challenges
Presented By: Scott Woods

Using Criminological Theory to Find Pharmacy Fraud
Presented By: Susan Hayes

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